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Dwindling Heights Keep is a location in Ghost of a Tale. It is located at Duinlan Heights, on the southern shore of Lake Vaelia. It has fallen into disrepair as the lake's acidic waters have eroded the cliff face on which the keep stands.

The keep is divided into three main areas; the interior jail, the exterior courtyard, and the sewers below.


Tilo wakes up inside a jail cell within the keep, where he finds a note and a key for him to escape his cell. He traverses the keep, avoiding the Rat guards, until he steals a Checkpoint Pass that will grant him safe passage along the Pesa Road.

Eventually he makes his way to the keep's courtyard, where he meets Rolo, a Rat blacksmith. Rolo points him in the right direction, and Tilo climbs the keep to meet Silas, who had written the note and helped him escape. Silas agrees to help him find Merra, if Tilo will help him obtain a mysterious chest from beneath the keep.