Flowers for Merra is a quest in Ghost of a Tale. It is obtained in Dwindling Heights Keep when Tilo picks up a Red Rose and begins his search for Merra. Each time Tilo collects a rose, a new page is added to Merra's Book.

Objectives Edit

  • Collect seventeen roses.

Results Edit

  • You collected all seventeen roses.

Rose Locations Edit

  1. On Tilo's cot where the game begins
  2. In Tilo's jail cell up near the iron barred window
  3. On the well in the south courtyard
  4. Near the top of the ruined tower above the smithy (push out the beam above the smithy, climb onto it, and keep going to the top of the tower)
  5. In the northwest corner of the south courtyard, high on the scaffolding (go into the nearby grotto and climb out the upper window)
  6. In the carrot garden
  7. On a window of the alcove that overlooks the north courtyard (right above the door that goes down to the Armory)
  8. On the column at the top of the stairs outside Gusto and Fatale's cell
  9. Just below the ramparts on the rooftop below (near the door that allows access to the rafters outside the Commander's quarters)
  10. Right near the door where you find the ramparts guard patrolling
  11. From the previous rose, go through the iron door and up the stairs, just outside the small turret with the bed that is along the way to the Far Tower.
  12. At the top of the stairs just outside the Clarion Tower (Far Tower) ruins
  13. On an archway in the Northern Slope, just along the main path
  14. On the arches near the barrel intersection at the Bone Shore
  15. On the arches near the seashore
  16. On the wall of the chapel on the Shore (where the worm is)
  17. Inside Clarion Tower, on a staircase (you need to progress the quest to identify The Master before you can access this area)